Brief Final Instructions

You can turn up at the Event Venue from 5 pm Friday evening where camping pitches will be available,no booking required.

Registration opens 10am Saturday morning where you can pick your number up which qualifys either Sportive or Enduro riders  to practice all sections apart from 3 which will be ridden blind so 2016 riders will have the edge but there has been changes !

On Sunday registration opens at 8 am .

Sportive riders are off first at 9am followed by Enduro riders at 9.30 in waves of 25 every 10 mins

You can choose what time you set off by booking a spot on the appropriate time sheet on the basis of first there gets the first choice.

When a 10 minute time slot has 25 booked numbers against it you must look for another vacant slot.

Could the slower riders please set off early.

Cheers,looking forward to it !!




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   Last years Boltby Bash Enduro Blog



Boltby Bash Enduro


After a nice warm up peddle to the first stage it was time to get in race mode and as usual I had my pre race nerves, usualy goes after the first stage though so not all bad.

Dropping in off the top of the moors down a steep grassy bank over a small rise that dropped you into some sweet turns on to open moorland were you could pick up some good speed taking you over some dips and rises it then dropped into some nice rock gardens with a steep drop giving you just enough momentum to get up a small hill they had added, hitting the latter part of the stage things just got faster but you had to be carefull here as it had been taped just wide enough to skim past while holding good speeed down the jumps and drops before hitting the bog at warp speed near the end and hoping to come out the other side in one piece. Sprinting to the finish having to jump a ditch and back on the pedals again that was the first stage over not a bad run felt fast and but most importantly it was fun


The transition to this stage was good fun in itself and stage 2 did not disapoint, peddling like a loon into some nice loose loamy turns it was over a small track into some nice fast flowing singletrack littered with rocks and roots, keeping my speed I was managing to flow pretty good through here but the torrential down poor the night before had changed it massivley. Further down having to dab a few times but keeping it upright it was a game of dodge the riders who hadnt been so lucky and after taking a few sketchy lines to go around a few I was glad to get to the bottom without an issue not the best stage for me but kept it clean and smooth.


This was the blind stage we wernt allowed to ride in practice and what a stage! Starting of in a big field it was get your head down and sprint. Peddle peddle peddle I kept shouting to myself  before hitting the first loamy turn and nearly getting it all wrong!! It was into pure loamy bliss OMG this is heaven, trying not to get to over excited as you just smashed loamy turns left right down around this was awesome. Shooting through a wooded area back out into more loamy turns before hitting a grass drop into a field taking on some tight taped off turns and sprinting to the finish !! Wow that was awesome !

Boooom!! Straight into it, a quick peddle then a left straight onto off camber into a berm. I’d practiced the highline into this and chose to use it here shooting me out other side with a nice drift ! Fast, who knows but hell yeah that was fun, zig zagging down the side of this awesome valley drifing berms before smashing into some techy drops and nasty roots trying to stay on this stage I was loose as a goose and I was loving it catching Neil from Bikescene near the bottom of the stage he had a mechanical so gave him some much needed abuse as we sprinted to the finish.


After some pretty hard transitions it was the last climb to stage 5 and with the hot weather damn it was hard! Rocking up at the start line totaly goosed I got me head down and went off like a nutter possesed, I was gonna nail this stage fast off the start into some techy rock garden holding it together along the off camber section it was a mad sprint corner then a mad sprint into a drop and a right, twist down  a gully smashing a berm before sprinting again down a fast dirt track forgeting the right hander only hearing my wife shouting go right before hauling up and drifting round the turns into another straight were there was a big grass drop…. It was do or die as I hucked and hoped into the next section much to the amsument of a small crowd as the bike bucked and skipped around, managing to hold a tight line round the last corner sprinting to the finish!!  Super fast stage flat out foot out !

This pic sums up the day,fast n loose and mega fun

Well what can I say an awesome weekend and definatly one I will go back to every year, me and the wife made some new freinds as did the dog, was a great 2 days riding with the bikescene lot. Cheers lads

So after peddling me arse off every stage and no crashes I was chuffed to see I had finished 4th!! 15 seconds off a podium and 8th fastest on the day overall so all in all a good days racing, proper happy

Masive thanks to my wife Kerry who pushes me and believes in me, thank you and to my sponser Richard Ford @  MountainBike Garage. It was great to have you there cheering me on

Cheers to all the Guisy lads was a great weekend out

And lastly the Boltby bash crew !! Be it marshels cooks well everyone you put on an awesome event with a relaxed feel awesome food, beer and cracking tracks !!  Thank you we will be back!!